Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Look At Legacy of Romulus

I just got my new Romulan Tactical officer up to level 20 this past weekend.  That might be a little long for a "first look" but I really wanted to get a feel for the expansion, the new Romulan gameplay, and my own style for this character.  Star Trek Online really did a great job on this one.

Along with the new user interface, which I like (more Next Generation), it's great to see a revitalization of the Klingon faction along with the HUGE interest in the Romulans.  Now that you can play Klingons from level one on, and there is actual Klingon-specific content for them to play, it adds a whole new dimension to the game that wasn't there before.  Being able to start off your gameplay with any faction is a plus.  The new trait system is better, in my opinion, and I really see it as helping you build the character that you want, with the style and specialization that you want, far better than the former system.

My Romulan Tactical officer (notice the Klingon shoulders)

The Romulan storyline paints them as a sympathetic race who just want to live and let live, generally speaking, but still have the signature Romulan guile, secrecy, and paranoia that you've learned to expect from them.  Character uniforms are very nice looking, especially after you've ranked up and picked an ally.  As it's so well known, I'm not calling the fact that you choose either the Federation or Klingons to ally with at some point in your story and then get access to their ships (up to tier 4 - at tier 5, you have to pilot a warbird) a spoiler.  I chose the Klingons, since all of my other characters are Federation and I wanted to try something new and you can see that in my character's picture above (you get to select some faction uniform items).  When you do choose a new ship, it looks like the standard warbird for that tier is free, but if you want an advanced warbird or one of your ally faction's ships it will cost you either Zen or dilithium.  I was actually really surprised by having to pay dilithium for ally ships - it seems that they should have been among the free choices.

For this character, since I already have a Tactical captain, I wanted to try something different for both space and ground.  For space, I'm trying out some non-cannon builds using a combination of a dual beam bank, a torpedo launcher, and beam arrays.  So instead of parking myself and using cannons on my target, I'm more mobile and can turn without relying on low turret damage.  Even now I notice that my damage output is lower than the cannon build, but I think that it still has promise.  It's amazing what a beam overload will do, followed up by a hard-hitting torpedo on the exposed hull!  On the ground, I think that I'll be going with a stealth/melee build, since all of my other characters are some flavor of ranged.  I say "I think that" because as of level 20 I haven't been able to find a melee weapon during gameplay or on the exchange.  I'm planning to go sword so that I can expose and exploit with the same weapon.

If you have played Star Trek Online in the past, I highly recommend that you check it out again - you won't be disappointed.  If you've never played STO before, but are interested in the Star Trek universe, now is a great time to jump in and check it out as a free-to-play member.  And if you're already playing, see you online!

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