Friday, May 10, 2013

And Now I'm A Blogger...Again

I started Tachi Gray as a YouTube channel to share the things that I love - video games, role-playing games, and geek culture - with a larger audience than I have access to in my daily life.  I like to think that those who watch and enjoy my videos take something away from them and that it helps them get a better experience out of their game, etc.

The thing is that the YouTube channel lends itself really well to video games and some gadgets, but not so well to role-playing games and other geek-fu.  I'm definitely planning to have some RPG videos put up in the not-too-distant future and I do see video helping with parts of that, but by and large I have more to say (or write) than I have video type footage to pair with that type of content.  In essence, I hate the idea of viewers checking out one of my videos, expecting a video show, and finding instead me talking a lot with not much going on with the video itself.  That's not what you watch videos for.

And as great as Twitter is, some things that I want to share require more than 140 characters to get across.

Hence, why I looked blogward.  Why Blogger?  It's free, integrated with other things that I do (namely YouTube), and it's easy to manage.  In the past when I blogged, back when it was fresh and cool and not a business model, I used TypePad and it did everything it promised, but if I can get this service for free I'll go for it.  I'm saving up my pennies for, amongst other things, a new PC and I can't justify paying out the cash when I can get it for nothing.

So there you go - the start of the Tachi Gray blog.


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